Deserves an Adventure"



"You too can feel this good when you volunteer! "

"Don't wait another minute...contact us today to see how your talents can be put to use. "

Here are some areas we could use volunteers:
*clean up park debris
*organizing fundraisers,
*helping to make contacts with others
*social networking,
*helping to set up speaking engagements,
*people who want to offer skilled help with building, paving, cutting down trees
*artists who like to work with wood, trees, and landscapes
*artists who like to work with concrete making pathways, benches, etc.

Many organizations have already volunteered time and money to help get this project started. For example, in May 2013, more than 100 youth from four area churches, East Union Missionary Baptist, East End Baptist, Trinity Baptist and Springlake Church of the Nazerene, volunteered to clear winter storm debris from the proposed park. By having those groups on the property to be a part of the process from the very beginning, they will be more inclined to continue to be a part of the park's development and usage in the future.

If you want to volunteer, please contact us.