Deserves an Adventure"

Good for Business

The state's largest "mega-site" (2,045 acres) that could recruit the largest super-project in the state, is located in East End, five minutes from this park. Commonly referred to as the I-530 Mega Site, the location is at the intersection of I-530 and Highway 167.

The property has been certified through the Entergy Arkansas' Select Site program, which means the Saline County Economic Development Corporation has met a rigorous set of requirements for documentation and pre-qualification of the site for development. Work already done includes cost estimates for grading and clearing, environmental studies, geotechnical reports, wetlands screening, and zoning, permitting and mapping requirements.

According to a news release by SCEDC, it not only brings a unique economic development opportunity for Saline County and the Metro Little Rock Region, but all of Arkansas.

Large manufactures will be looking at the above information but will also consider the quality of life for their employees. A park located in the eastern portion of Saline County would greatly impact the quality of life for those in the area.

Sebastian County Judge David Hudson says that his county parks department is a recruiting tool. "It's a quality of life issue and payback to its citizens. It gives a recreational opportunity for our children and gives them options not to get into our criminal justice system. It's family friendly. That is something people look for when considering locating here."

Sebastian County might possibly be the only county with a separate parks department according to Chris Villines with the Arkansas Association of Counties. Pulaski County helps to maintain a county/city park "Two Rivers." The cost of upkeep is divided among Pulaski County Roads Department and the city of Little Rock.

Judge Johnson says he has a "Park Advisory Board," made up of 5 unpaid citizens that he appoints to oversee the affairs at the parks. He said his county has no specific tax allocated to a parks department. All money comes from general funds. He says the parks department has several partnerships with little league associations to put programs in place.