Deserves an Adventure"

The Need

Long-term health problems associated with obesity costs the healthcare system $120 billion each year. In Arkansas in 1999, hospital charges alone for obesity-related conditions were in excess of $125 million. Nearly two-thirds of these dollars came from state and federal government sources.

One of the recommendations from the Arkansas Obesity Task Force created in 2000 was to enhance opportunities for physical activities such as walking trails and safe playgrounds. Saline County would like to improve the health of its citizens to improve the quality of life of its citizens and its infrastructure.

In June 2013, the Saline County Quorum Court took its first step towards having its first county-owned public park by passing a resolution to apply for a state park grant. The county would be partnering with the Little Rock South Lions Club and the non-profit Community Connections to make this park inclusive to all. "The Crossing at Angel Court" will be a crossing of all Arkansans, of every generation, race or ability. Many times, there are Arkansans who feel excluded from outdoor recreational activities, so special attention has been given to the special needs population. Obesity rates among those with disabilities are 64.7 percent compared to 25.5 percent of the general population. "The Crossing at Angel Court" will sit adjacent to the "I CAN! Arts and Resource Center," which offers extra-curricular activities to children with disabilities. This park will allow the opportunity to exercise to those who often are not included in recreational activities because of physical and social barriers.